Comic Book Dry Cleaning & Pressing

How it works

🔎 Bring us your comics to evaluate. We will determine if your book is a good candidate for cleaning and pressing.

✅ If your book qualifies, we will arrange to add it to our monthly pressing shipment.

⌛️ Turn around times vary. As of February, 2024, turnaround is about 7 days.

🚚 If you are getting the comics graded, we facilitate transportation straight from pressing to CGC.

The Subscription Comic Shop does not profit from facilitating cleaning and pressing.

We charge a flat rate minimum of $20.00 for a basic cleaning and pressing. There are other more detailed cleaning and restoration add on services that can apply if the customer so chooses. Nothing will be applied without first consulting with the customer before proceeding. A full rate structure can be obtained at our shop.

The gentle removal of contamination from the white areas of the comic book including interior pages, back and front cover. No water, peroxides or solvents of any kind are used. 3rd party grading services, like CGC, does not classify pressing and dry cleaning as restoration.

Pressing greatly diminishes, and in some cases, removes minor defects from comic books. Pressing can reduce or remove things like dents, non-color breaking folds, bends, waviness, and spine rolls. Often times the removal of these defects will raise the grade and in turn the value of the book much higher.

We are accepting books to be cleaned and pressed now. We only send books one time per month in order to offset the cost of shipping.