Near Mint (NM) has a range.

  • 9.8 NM/M Near Mint/Mint
  • 9.6 NM+ Near Mint+
  • 9.4 NM Near Mint
  • 9.2 NM- Near Mint-

It is incredibly hard to have any comic book graded at a 9.8. There is a reason why 9.8 comics cost a premium. The distributors who deliver us our comics pack these books w/o bags and boards. Printers and distributors do not handle comics with care like us collectors. The number of hands that a book goes through before it gets to the end user is an incredible. With that said, our goal for all our title subscription customers is a 9.2 (NM-) or better. Anything we receive that is less than a 9.2 is considered damaged and set back to our distributors for replacements.

We guarantee your book will not be damaged when you get it.

When we receive a shipment from our distributor, we set aside any damaged packages and comics to return to the distributor.

We do not guarantee that your comic will be in NM 9.8 condition. We cannot guarantee there will be no spine ticks, printing issues, waves, minor spine rolling ect.. We CAN guarantee that we will pick each book carefully to ensure its the best of the best going to our subscribers and we will put the rest in the back issue bin. We can reasonably assume you will get a 9.2 or better. We do not guarantee that a 3rd party grading company will give you a 9.2.

Yes. Every single comic you receive will be bagged and boarded and included in the price you paid for the book. That is a .25 cent value added per comic book.


You get 25% off every subscription title, that is normally over $1+ in savings per book! You won't find that nearly anywhere else, including most local comic shops. Our business model is volume over max profits. That means that our goal is to give our customers the maximum per savings per item purchased rather then us squeezing the maximum amount of profit off each item sold. Once you reach roughly 5 issues per order your shipping becomes break even. We do not mark up shipping cost.

The larger explination is above but in summary:

The more titles you get each month, the closer "free" shipping gets with the discount. It is possible to get "free" shipping based on title subscription volume.

We subsidize as much as we can via bags, boards, and mailers to ensure we keep shipping costs very low.

All comic books are packaged in mailers and boxs specifically designed for comic books. These boxes alone do a good job. But depending on the number and types of books you receive, extra padding, boarding, and taping techniques will be applied to ensure your books arrive undamaged.

In the ultra rare case your books arrived damaged, which is most likely carrier issues, not packaging issues, contact us and we will make it right.


Buyers remorse for Certified Graded Comics is not a reason to allow for returns. The price is transparent, the bar codes allow you to verify they are legit graded comics, the photos are clear, and the descriptions are detailed. It is not guaranteed that you can package and ship the comic as good as we do it to avoid damage in transit back to us.

No. There are a number of reasonable reasons for this.

1. Comic books are not treated kitchen appliances, clothing, or home goods. We cannot guarantee you will like the story, the art, or anything you thought you may like about the book you ordered. That is a part of the fun and anticipation of buying comic books. You may cancel that title anytime you want risk free after in your own account.

2. Customers cannot guarantee they will be able to deliver back to us the comic in the same condition we delivered it to them. Margins on comics are extremely slim and condition matters.

Yes. But you will need to contact us and we will evaluate your situation.


PayPal is the devil. It is not uncommon for PayPal to lock people out of their business accounts for months at a time. PayPal also confiscates funds from users without any recourse. They are overall detrimental to small business owners and not worth the risk of continued usage. Finally, anyone who uses PayPal has come across this issue in some form or fashion (including this business owner), and the industry best practices is to withdrawal from PayPal manually daily to avoid any financial capture. Therefore, banking with PayPal is bad for business. Shopify Pay is as professional and safe as any 3rd party vendor for both the consumer and business owners, except PayPal of course.


Comic book subscriptions are not like traditional subscription services that offer "access" to a good or service. Think Netflix or Audible. The Comic book industry is slightly different. When you subscribe to a Comic book title like Spawn or X-Men, you are committing to buying that title's issue every month until you decide you want to stop. For every title you commit to buying, you lock in a title discount off the cover price of that issue.

Yes! Our software for customers is only limited to covers A & B options due to a number of complexities. Therefore, if you wish to purchase a ratio variant 1:10, or 1:25, or 1:50 ect.. then contact us and we will work out an appropriate price for those ratio variants. If you don't contact us, we will certainly contact you for ratio incentives.

Beyond subscribing for cover A & B on a regular basis, you can simply "pre-order" any other cover beyond subscribed A's and B' and still lock in your discount.

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